Conference venue


The Second Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Economic Journal is organized by CEFAGE-UE, a research center created in 2006 with the aim of promoting the production and diffusion of high-quality research in economics and management.

Presently, the research unit of CEFAGE-UE, which is hosted by the University of Evora, has 26 integrated members holding a Ph.D. and 6 members who are currently working towards their PhD.

The research interests of CEFAGE-UEs members cover, among other fields, agricultural economics, econometrics, environmental resources, finance, industrial organization, innovation and entrepreneurship, international economics, labour economics, marketing and consumer behaviour, spatial economics and sustainable growth.

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University of Evora

The University of Evora is simultaneously an old and a new university. It was founded in 1559 by Cardinal D. Henrique, who handed over to the Company of Jesus. In 1759 - two hundred years after its foundation - the University was closed as a consequence of a royal decree that banished the Jesuits from Portugal. Only in 1973, more than two centuries later, was the University of Evora reconstituted as a public university. It was installed in its original building, the Colegio do Espirito Santo (College of the Holy Spirit), the same building where the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Economic Journal will take place.

Curently, the University of Evora offers all different levels of undergraduate and graduate studies within a perspective closely tied to scientific research and artistic creation.

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