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New research seminar series

Following up on the previous yearís research seminar series which have been very well received, CEFAGE-UE will promote a new research seminar series this current academic year, with the aim of promoting research conducted in diverse research areas of management and economics, given both by internal as well as external speakers.

The format remains the same as earlier, with presentation time being approximately 40/45 minutes, followed by 10/15 minutes for debate.

Seminars given by members CEFAGE-UE would take place on Tuesday afternoons, commencing at 13:00 hours, in CES-124, with lunch being offered in the form of one or two sandwiches of choice as well as a soft drink to all participants who sign up in advance. Seminars involving invited speakers would take place on Wednesdays, commencing at 14:30 hours, in CES-131.

The governing body of CEFAGE-UE as well as the organizers of the seminar series hold high expectation from the scientific community in general and the members of CEFAGE-UE as well as the of the department of Management and Economics of the university, to participate actively in the seminar series to give it the dynamic it needs and deserves. Without active participation in the seminars its periodicity would gradually slacken we are afraid.

The schedule for the current seminar series is available here.

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A Comiss„o,

Fernanda Peixe
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