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Pedro Pereira
Senior Economist (Autoridade da Concorrência)

Ph.D. in Economics (U. California, 1997), M.Sc. in Economics (U. California, 1995), B.A. in Economics (U. Nova de Lisboa, 1988).

Research interests:

Industrial Organization; Information and Uncertainty; Consumer Search.

Articles published in selected journals (indexed in CEFAGE ranking)

García-Gallego, A., N. Georgantzís, P. Pereira, J.C. Pernías-Cerrillo (2017), "Bias and Size Effects of Price-Comparison Platforms: Theory and Experimental Evidence", Review of Network Economics, 15(1).
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García-Gallego, A., N. Georgantzís, A. Jaramillo-Gutiérrez, P. Pereira, J.C. Pernías-Cerrillo (2014), "On the evolution of monopoly pricing in internet-assisted search markets", Journal of Business Research, 67(5), 795-801.
Brito, D., P. Pereira, J.J.S. Ramalho (2013), "Mergers, coordinated effects and efficiency in the Portuguese non-life insurance industry", International Journal of Industrial Organization, 31(5), 554-568.
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Pereira, P., J. Vareda (2013), "How will telecommunication bundles impact competition and regulatory analysis?", Telecommunications Policy, 37(6-7), 530-539.
Pereira, P., T. Ribeiro, J. Vareda (2013), "Delineating markets for bundles with consumer level data: the case of triple-play", International Journal of Industrial Organization, 31(6), 760-773.
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Brito. D., P. Pereira, J. Vareda (2011), "An assessment of the equality of access and no-regulation approaches to next generation networks", Telecommunications Policy, 35(9-10), 818-826.
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Brito, D., P. Pereira (2010), "Access to bottleneck inputs under oligopoly: a prisoners' dilemma?", Southern Economic Journal, 76(3), 660-677.
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Brito, D., P. Pereira (2009), "Product differentiation when competing with the suppliers of bottleneck inputs", Regional Science and Urban Economics, 39(1), 43-53.
Grzybowski, L., P. Pereira (2008), "The complementarity between calls and messages in mobile telephony", Information Economics and Policy, 20(3), 279-287.
Brito, D., P. Pereira (2008), "Investment and welfare implications of the ownership structure of overlapping networks", Information Economics and Policy, 20(1), 38-53.
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Dinlersoz, E.M., P. Pereira (2005), "Patterns of diffusion of electronic commerce in retail industries: theory and evidence", CESifo Economic Studies, 51(2/3), 261-294.
Pereira, P. (2005), "Multiplicity of equilibria in search markets with free entry and exit", International Journal of Industrial Organization, 23(5/6), 325-339.
Pereira, P. (2005), "Do lower search costs reduce prices and price dispersion?”, Information Economics and Policy", Information Economics and Policy, 17(1), 61-72.
Pereira, P. (2004), "Some implications of search and switching costs for the price dynamics of electronic markets", International Journal of the Economics of Business, 11(3), 303-327.
Pereira, P. (2001), "Market power, cost reduction and consumer search", International Journal of Industrial Organization, 19(9), 1457-1473.

Articles published in ISI journals (not indexed in CEFAGE ranking)

Brito, D., P. Pereira (2007), "Mobile virtual network operators: beyond the hyperbolae", Competition Policy International, 3(1), 271-280.

Articles published in other peer-review journals

Pereira, P., T. Ribeiro (2016), "Quantitative Assessment: are the Tools currently used adequate to assess Mergers in all Industries?", Journal of European Competition Law and Practice, 7(1), 52-55.
Mazón, C., P. Pereira (2001), "Comercio electrónico, mercados minoristas y competencia", Economia Industrial, 339, 25-36.
Mazón, C., P. Pereira (1999), "Las empresas industriales y las tecnologías de internet", Economia Industrial, 329, 99-108.

Book articles and chapters

Brito, D., P. Pereira (2006), "Ownership structure of cable networks and competition in local access", in J.P. Choi (eds.), Recent Developments in Antitrust Analysis, MIT Press, 293-320 (ISBN: 0-262-03356-9).
Dinlersoz, E.M., P. Pereira (2006), "Diffusion of electronic commerce", in G. Illing, M. Peitz (eds.), Industrial Organization and the Digital Economy, MIT Press, 241-272 (ISBN: 0-262-09041-4).

Industry contracts

Portuguese Competition Authority

09/2007 - 01/2008
11760 €