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Esmeralda de Jesus Ratinho Lopes Arranhado Ramalho
Assistant Professor with aggregation (Universidade de Évora)

Ph.D. in Economics (U. Bristol, 2002), M.Sc. in Mathematics Applied to Economics and Business (ISEG/UTL, 1996), B.A. in Economics (U. Évora, 1994).

Research interests:


Personal web page: http://evunix.uevora.pt/~ela/

Articles published in selected journals (indexed in CEFAGE ranking)

Silva, V.G., E.A. Ramalho, C.R. Vieira (2017), "The Use of Cheques in the European Union: A Cross-Country Analysis", Open Economies Review, 28(3), 581-602.
Silva, V., E. Ramalho, C. Vieira (2016), "The impact of SEPA in credit transfer payments: evidence from the euro area", Research in International Business and Finance, 38, 404-416.
Ramalho, E.A., J.J.S. Ramalho, J.M.R. Murteira (2014), "A generalized goodness-of-functional form test for binary and fractional regression models", Manchester School, 82(4), 488-507.
Murteira, J.M.R., E.A. Ramalho, J.J.S. Ramalho (2013), "Heteroskedasticity testing through comparison of Wald-type statistics", Portuguese Economic Journal, 12(2), 131-160.
Ramalho, E.A., R.J. Smith (2013), "Discrete choice nonresponse", Review of Economic Studies, 80(1), 343-364.
Ramalho, E.A., J.J.S. Ramalho (2012), "Alternative versions of the RESET test for binary response index models: a comparative study", Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 74(1), 107-130.
Ramalho, E.A., J.J.S. Ramalho, J.M.R. Murteira (2012), "A supremum-type RESET test for binary choice models", Economics Bulletin, 32(1), 905-912.
Ramalho, E.A., A. Caleiro, A. Dionísio (2011), "Explaining Consumer Confidence in Portugal", Journal of Economic Psychology, 32(1), 25-32.
Ramalho, E.A., J.J.S. Ramalho, J.M.R. Murteira (2011), "Alternative estimating and testing empirical strategies for fractional regression models", Journal of Economic Surveys, 25(1), 19-68.
Ramalho, E.A., J.J.S. Ramalho, P.D. Henriques (2010), "Fractional regression models for second stage DEA efficiency analyses", Journal of Productivity Analysis, 34(3), 239-255.
Ramalho, E.A. (2010), "Covariate measurement error: bias reduction under response-based sampling", Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics, 14(4), article 2.
Ramalho, E.A., J.J.S. Ramalho (2006), "Two-step empirical likelihood estimation under stratified sampling when aggregate information is available", Manchester School, 74(5), 577-592.
Ramalho, E.A., J.J.S. Ramalho (2006), "Bias-corrected moment-based estimators for parametric models under endogenous stratified sampling", Econometric Reviews, 25(4), 475-496.
Ramalho, E.A. (2002), "Regression models for choice-based samples with misclassification in the response variable", Journal of Econometrics, 106(1), 171-201.

Articles published in ISI journals (not indexed in CEFAGE ranking)

Ramalho, E. J. Ramalho, R. Evangelista (forthcoming), "Combining micro and macro data in hedonic price indexes", Statistical Methods and Applications.
Ramalho, E.A., J.J.S. Ramalho (2014), "Convenient links for the estimation of hedonic price indexes: the case of unique, infrequently traded assets", Statistica Neerlandica, 68(2), 91-117.
Ramalho, E.A., J.J.S. Ramalho (2010), "Is neglected heterogeneity really an issue in binary and fractional regression models? A simulation exercise for logit, probit and loglog models", Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 54(4), 987-1001.

Doctoral theses

Ramalho, E.A. (2002), Some Sampling Issues in Econometrics, Ph.D. thesis, University of Bristol, Reino Unido.

Projects funded by national science agencies

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

28 000 €

Industry contracts

Instituto Nacional de Estatística

24 150€

Ph.D. thesis

Author: Francisco José Mendes Leote
Supervisor(s): Jacinto Vidigal da Silva, Esmeralda A. Ramalho
Degree: PhD. (Management)
Institution: University of Évora
Year: 2015

M.Sc. thesis

Author: Anabela Marques Santos
Supervisor(s): Esmeralda A. Ramalho, Paulo Neto
Degree: M.Sc. (Economics)
Institution: Universidade de Évora
Year: 2012
Author: Maria Jesus de Fátima Gomes Andrade
Supervisor(s): Miguel Rocha de Sousa, Esmeralda A. Ramalho
Degree: M.Sc. (Economics)
Institution: Universidade de Évora
Year: 2012