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Marcelo Serra Santos
Assistant Professor (Universidade da Beira Interior)

Ph.D. in Economics (U. Évora and U. Beira Interior, 2015), M.Sc. in Economics (U. Beira Interior, 2012), B.A. in Economics (U. Beira Interior, 2009).

Research interests:

Economic Development; Human Capital; Wage Inequality.

Articles published in selected journals (indexed in CEFAGE ranking)

Sequeira, T., M. Santos (2019), "Technology in 1500 and Genetic Diversity", Empirical Economics.
Ramalho, E., T. Sequeira, M.S. Santos (2018), "The effect of income on the energy mix: Are democracies more sustainable?", Global Environmental Change, 51, 10-21.
Sequeira, T., M.S. Santos (2018), "Does country-risk influence electricity production worldwide?", Journal of Policy Modeling, 40(4), 730-746.
Sequeira, T., M. Santos, A. Ferreira-Lopes (2017), "Income Inequality, TFP, and Human Capital", Economic Record, 93, 89-111.
Sequeira, T., M. Santos, A. Ferreira-Lopes (2017), "Income Inequality and Technological Adoption", Journal of Economic Issues, 51(4), 979-1000.

Articles published in ISI journals (not indexed in CEFAGE ranking)

Sequeira, T., M.S. Santos, A. Ferreira-Lopes (forthcoming), "Human capital and genetic diversity", Eurasian Economic Review.
Azevedo, S., T. Sequeira, M. Santos, L. Mendes (2019), "Biomass-Related Sustainability: A review of the Literature and Interpretive Structural Modeling", Energy, 171, 1107-1125.
Sequeira, T., M.S. Santos (2018), "Renewable energy and politics: A systematic review and new evidence", Journal of Cleaner Production, 192, 553-568.
Sequieira, T., M.S. Santos (2018), "Education and Energy Intensity: Simple Economic Modelling and Preliminary Empirical Results", Sustainability, 10(8).
Sequeira, T.N., M.S. Santos, M. Magalhães (2018), "Climate change and economic growth: a heterogeneous panel data approach", Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 25(23), 22725–22735 .
Sequeira, T., T. Minas, A. Ferreira-Lopes, M. Santos (2017), "Do Large Governments Decrease Happiness? New Evidence of a Negative Effect in Europe", International Journal of Happiness and Development, 3(3), 193–240.
Morgado, A., M. Santos, T. Sequeira, A. Balcão Reis, A. Ferreira-Lopes (2016), "Measuring Labor Mismatch in Europe", Social Indicators Research, 129(1), 161-179.
Santos, M., T.N. Sequeira (2013), "Skills mismatch and wage inequality: evidence for different countries in Europe", Technological and Economic Development of the Economy, 19(1), 425-453.

Articles published in other peer-review journals

Sequeira, T., M.S. Santos (2018), "Introductory Chapter: Immigration and Economic Growth and Development", Immigration and Development (ISBN: 978-953-51-3785-6).
Santos, M., T. Sequeira (2015), "Labour Market Returns and Wage Inequality: New Evidence for Europe", Research in Applied Economics, 7(3), 31-45.

Scientific books

Sequeira, T., P. Neves, M.S. Santos (2018), "Macroeconomia – Exercícios" Edições Sílabo (ISBN: 9726189217).
Sequeira, T. N., M. Santos (2018), "Immigration and Economic Growth and Development", Immigration and Development INTECH Publishers (ISBN: 978-953-51-3785-6).