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Rosinda Manuela Ferreira Magalh„es
Assistant Professor (Universidade Portucalense)

Ph.D in Economics (University of Warwick, 2012), M.Sc. in Economics (University Pompeu Fabra, 2007), B.A. in Economics (U. Porto, 2001).

Research interests:

Economic Growth; Income Inequality.

Articles published in selected journals (indexed in CEFAGE ranking)

Magalh„es, M., T. Sequeira (forthcoming), "Redistributive Policies and Technology Diffusion", The BE Journal of Macroeconomics.
Magalh„es, M., T. Sequeira, O. Afonso (forthcoming), "Industry Concentration and Wage Inequality: a Directed Technical Change Approach", Open Economies Review.
Afonso, O., M. Magalh„es (forthcoming), "How powerful are network effects? A skill-biased technological approach", Macroeconomic Dynamics.
Afonso, O., A. M. Bandeira, M. Magalh„es (2018), "Labour-market institutions, (un)employment, wages and growth: theory and data", Applied Economics, 50(6), 613-633.
Afonso, O., A. M. Bandeira, M. Magalh„es (2017), "Effect of the tax system on R&D intensity, growth, wages and consumption share", Australian Economic Papers, 56(4), 271-291.
Magalh„es, M., O. Afonso (2017), "A multi-sector growth model with technology diffusion and networks", Research Policy, 46(7), 1340-1359.

Articles published in ISI journals (not indexed in CEFAGE ranking)

Sequeira, T.N., M.S. Santos, M. Magalh„es (2018), "Climate change and economic growth: a heterogeneous panel data approach", Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 25(23), 22725Ė22735 .

Articles published in other peer-review journals

Magalhaes, M., A. P. Africano (2018), "A Panel Analysis of the FDI impact in International Trade Revisited", Notas Econůmicas, 45.