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Pedro Miguel Guerreiro Patolea Pintassilgo
Assistant Professor with aggregation (Universidade do Algarve)

Ph.D. in Economics (U. Nova de Lisboa, 2000); B.A. in Economics (U. Nova de Lisboa, 1995).

Research interests:

Fisheries economics; International environmental agreements; Tourism and the environment.

Articles published in selected journals (indexed in CEFAGE ranking)

Ulph, A., P. Pintassilgo, M. Finus (2019), "Uncertainty, Learning and International Environmental Agreements – The Role of Risk Aversion", Environmental & Resource Economics.
Lloret, J., I. Cowx, H. Cabral, M. Castro, T. Font, J. Gonçalves, A. Gordoa, E. Hoefnagel, S. Matic;-Skoko, E. Mikkelsen, B. Morales-Nin, D. Moutoupolos, M. Muñoz, M. Neves dos Santos, P. Pintassilgo, C. Pita, K. Stergiou, V. Ünal, P. Veiga, K. Erzini (2018), "Small-scale coastal Fisheries in European Seas Are Not What They Were: Ecological, Social and Economic Changes in Small Scale Fisheries", Marine Policy, 98.
Oliveira, F., P. Pintassilgo, P. Pinto, I. Mendes, J. A. Silva (2017), "Segmenting visitors based on willingness to pay for recreational benefits: The case of Leiria National Forest", Tourism Economics, 23(3), 680-691.
Pintassilgo, P., J. Rosselló, M. Santana-Gallego, E. Valle (2016), "The economic dimension of climate change impacts on tourism: The case of Portugal", Tourism Economics, 22(4), 685-698.
Oinonen, S., L. Gronbaek, M. Laukkanen, P. Levontin, M. Lindroos, E. Nieminen, K. Parkkila, P. Pintassilgo, H. Pulkkinen, A. Romakkaniemi (2016), "International fisheries management and recreational benefits: The case of the Baltic Salmon", Marine Resource Economics, 31(4), 433-451.
Pintassilgo, P., L. Kronbak, M. Lindroos (2015), "International fisheries agreements: A game theoretical approach", Environmental & Resource Economics, 62(4), 689-709.

Articles published in ISI journals (not indexed in CEFAGE ranking)

Sedarati, P., S. Santos, P. Pintassilgo (forthcoming), "System dynamics in tourism: A systematic literature review", Tourism Planning and Development.
Vorobiova, N., Pinto, P., Pintassilgo, P., Lavandoski, J. (forthcoming), "Motivations of tourists in wine regions: The case of La Rioja, Spain", International Journal of Wine Business Research.
Ghoddousi, S., P. Pintassilgo, J. Mendes, A. Ghoddousi, B. Sequeira (2018), "Tourism and nature conservation: A case study in Golestan National Park, Iran", Tourism Management Perspectives, 26, 20-27.
Pintassilgo, P., M. Laukkanen, L. Grønbæk, M. Lindroos (2018), "International fisheries agreements and non-consumptive values", Fisheries Research, 203, 46-54.

Articles published in other peer-review journals

Costa, A., P. Pintassilgo, A. Matias, P. Pinto, M.H. Guimarães (2018), "Birdwatcher profile in the Ria Formosa Natural Park", Tourism & Management Studies, 14(1), 69-78.


Grønbæk, L, M. Lindroos, G. Munro, P. Pintassilgo (2018), "Game theory and fisheries", Fisheries Research, 203.

Book articles and chapters

Calhau, F., P. Pintassilgo, J. Guerreiro (2018), "Sustainable Energy Communities: Implementation study of a Wind Community in Algarve (Portugal)", in A. Mortal, J. Aníbal, J. Monteiro, C. Sequeira, J. Semião, M. Moreira da Silva, M. Oliveira (eds.), Proceedings of the 1st International Congress on Engineering and Sustainability in the XXI Century – INCREaSE 2017 Springer International Publishing, 458-478 (ISBN: 978-3-319-70271-1).

Projects funded by national science agencies



M.Sc. thesis

Author: Hio Kuan Lai
Supervisor(s): Patrícia Pinto, Pedro Pintassilgo
Degree: M.Sc. (Tourism Economics and Regional Development)
Institution: Universidade do Algarve
Year: 2018
Author: Célia Maria Viegas Ramos
Supervisor(s): Barreira, A.P, Pintassilgo, P.
Degree: M.Sc. (Tourism economics and regional development)
Institution: Universidade do Algarve
Year: 2017