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João Fernando Guerreiro Romão
Researcher (Universidade do Algarve)

P.H.D. in Tourism (U. Algarve, 2012), M.Sc. in Economics and Management of S&T (ISEG, 1995), B.A. in Economis (ISEG, 1991).

Research interests:

Tourism; Innovation; Urban and regional economics; Spatial econometrics.

Articles published in selected journals (indexed in CEFAGE ranking)

Romão, J., P. Nijkamp (2018), "Spatial impacts assessment of tourism and territorial capital: A modelling study on regional development in Europe", International Journal of Tourism Research, 20, 819-829.
Saito, H., J. Romão (2018), "Seasonality and Regional Productivity in the Spanish Accommodation Sector", Tourism Management, 69, 180-188.
Romão, J., K. Machino, P. Nijkamp (2018), "Integrative diversification of wellness tourism services in rural areas - An operational framework model applied to East Hokkaido (Japan)", Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 23(7), 734-746.
Romão, J., J. Guerreiro, P. Rodrigues (2016), "Tourism Growth and Regional Resilience: the “Beach Disease and the Consequences of the Global Crisis of 2007", Tourism Economics, 22(4), 699-714.
Neuts, B., J. Romão, P. Nijkamp, A. Shikida (2016), "Market segmentation and their economic impacts in an ecotourism destination: An applied modelling study on Hokkaido, Japan", Tourism Economics, 22(4), 793-808.
Romão, J., B. Neuts, P. Nijkamp, E.S. van Leeuwen (2015), "Urban Tourist Complexes as Multi-Product Companies: Culture, Product Differentiation and Market Segmentation in Amsterdam", Tourism Economics, 21(3), 455-474.
Romão, J., B. Neuts, P. Nijkamp, A. Shikida (2014), "Determinants of trip choice, satisfaction and loyalty in an eco-tourism destination: A modeling study on the Shiretoko Peninsula, Japan", Ecological Economics, 107, 195-205.
Neuts, B., J. Romão, E. Leeuwen, P. Nijkamp (2013), "Describing the relationships between tourist satisfaction and destination loyalty in a segmented and digitalized market", Tourism Economics, 19(5), 987-1004.

Articles published in ISI journals (not indexed in CEFAGE ranking)

Borges, A.P., E. Vieira, J. Romão (2018), "The Evaluation of the Perceived Value of Festival Experiences: the Case of the Serralves em Festa!", International Journal of Event and Festival Management, 9(3), 279-296.
Romão, J., B. Neuts, P. Nijkamp, E. S. van Leeuwen (2015), "Tourist Loyalty and e-Services: A Comparison of Behavioural Impacts in Leipzig and Amsterdam", Journal of Urban Technology, 22(2), 85-101.

Articles published in other peer-review journals

Romão, J., J. Guerreiro, J., P.M.M. Rodrigues (2017), "Territory and sustainable tourism development: a space-time analysis on European regions", Region, 4(3), 1-17.
Romão, J., K. Machino, P. Nijkamp (2017), "Assessment of Wellness Tourism Development in Hokkaido: A Multicriteria and Strategic Choice Analysis", Asia-Pacific Journal of Regional Science, 1(1), 265-290.
Romão, J., H. Saito (2017), "A spatial analysis on the determinants of tourism performance in Japanese Prefectures", Asia-Pacific Journal of Regional Science, 1(1), 243-264.
Neuts, B., J. Romão, P. Nijkamp, A. Shikida (2014), "A quality assessment of tourist information: the case of nautical tourism at Shiretoko Peninsula", Almatourism, 5(9), 24-34.
Romão, J., J. Guerreiro, P. Rodrigues (2013), "Tourism Area Life-Cycle and Regional Tourism Attractiveness", Current Issues in Tourism, 16(6), 517-534.
Neuts, B., J. Romão, P. Nijkamp, E. Leeuwen (2013), "Digital destinations in the tourist sector: a path model for the impact of e-services on tourist expenditures in Amsterdam", Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences, 6(2), 71-80.

Book/Software reviews

Romão, J. (2013), "Book review of Tourists, Signs and the City", Journal of Tourism History, 5(3), 355-356.


Romão, J., P. Nijkamp (2017), "Innovation and ecology: regional science perspectives on spatial systems", Asia-Pacific Journal of Regional Science, 1(1), 49-52.
Romão J., P. Nijkamp (2016), "Spatial and sectorial impact studies in tourism", Tourism Economics, 22(4), 681–684.
Matias, Á., P. Nijkamp, J. Romão (2016), "Impact Assessment in Tourism Economics", Berlin: Springer-Verlag (ISBN: 978-3-319-14919-6).

Book articles and chapters

Romão, J., M. Ikegami (2015), "Knowledge, Place and Economy: Smart Specialization and the Triple Helix Framework in Amsterdam and Sapporo", in B.H.R. Pinto (eds.), Resilient Territories: Innovation and Creativity for New Modes of Regional Development, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 223-236 (ISBN: 978-1-4438-7230-0).
Romão, J., P. Nijkamp, E.S. Leeuwen, K. Kourtit, T. Ozasa, M. Ikegami (2015), "A Multi-Criteria Assessment of Sustainable Redevelopment of a University Campus using Images", in A. Rose, P. Nijkamp, K. Kourtit (eds.), Regional Science Matters – Studies dedicated to Walter Isard, Berlin: Springer International Publishing, 421-444 (ISBN: 978-3-319-07305-7).
Romão, J., J. Guerreiro, P. Rodrigues (2013), "Competitiveness and Sustainability in Tourism Destinations", in Matias, J. Nijkamp, Sarmento (eds.), Advances in Tourism Economics Springer-Verlag (ISBN: 978-3-7908-2879-5).
Romão, J., J. Guerreiro, P. Rodrigues (2012), "Regional Tourism Development", in Jafari, Fayos-Solá, Albino (eds.), Knowledge Management in Tourism: Policy and Governance Applications (Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 55 - 75.

Scientific books

Romão, J. (2018), "Tourism, Territory and Sustainable Development" Springer (ISBN: 978-981-13-0426-2).
Romão, J. (2013), "Turismo e Lugar: uma Análise da Competitividade e Sustentabilidade do Turismo", Lisboa: Escolar Editora (ISBN: 9789725923931).

Doctoral theses

Romão, J. (2012), Tourism and Territorial Differentiation: An Analysis of the Competitiveness and Sustainability of Tourism, Ph.D. thesis, Universidade do Algarve, Portugal.

Master theses

Romão, J. (1995), "Determinantes Estruturais e Dimensionais da Inovação: Uma Abordagem Evolucionista ", M.Sc. thesis, ISEG - Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal.