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Articles published in selected journals (indexed in CEFAGE ranking)


Afonso, O. (forthcoming), "The role of IPRs on prices, wages and growth in a two countries directed technical change model", The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics (BEJM).
Afonso, O., M. Magalhães (forthcoming), "How powerful are network effects? A skill-biased technological approach", Macroeconomic Dynamics.
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Barros, C., R. Butler, C. Dercio, L.P. Machado (forthcoming), "Heterogeneous Hotels and Web Travel Agencies in Maputo", Tourism Management.
Barros, P.P., D. Brito, H. Vasconcelos (forthcoming), "Welfare Decreasing Endogenous Mergers between Producers of Complementary Goods", International Journal of Industrial Organization.
Brito, D., M. Catalão-Lopes (forthcoming), "May larger merger synergies be bad news for consumers? Endogenous post-merger internal organization", The Scandinavian Journal of Economics.
Brito, D., R. Ribeiro, H. Vasconcelos (forthcoming), "Quantifying the Coordinated Effects of Partial Horizontal Acquisitions", European Economic Review.
Cardoso, P., C. Sales (forthcoming), "Individualized career counseling outcome assessment: A case study using the personal questionnaire", The Career Development Quarterly.
Cardoso, P., M.M. Gonçalves, M.L. Savickas (forthcoming), "The construction of career change", Journal of Career Assessment.
Correia, A., M. Kozak, S. Kim (forthcoming), "The social nature of luxury tourists’ shopping in different shopping environments", Tourism Economics.
Costa, A., J. Figueira, C. Vieira, I. Vieira (forthcoming), "An application of the ELECTRE TRI-C method to characterize government performance in OECD countries", International Transactions in Operational Research.
Esgarrancho, S., C.J.F. Cândido (forthcoming), "Firm preparation for ISO 9001 Certification – The case of the hotel industry in Portugal", Total Quality Management & Business Excellence.
Fragoso, R., C. Noéme (forthcoming), "Economic effects of climate change on the Mediterranean’s irrigated agriculture", Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal.
Lloret, J., I. Cowx, H. Cabral, M. Castro, T. Font, J. Gonçalves, A. Gordoa, E. Hoefnagel, S. Matic;-Skoko, E. Mikkelsen, B. Morales-Nin, D. Moutoupolos, M. Muñoz, M. Neves dos Santos, P. Pintassilgo, C. Pita, K. Stergiou, V. Ünal, P. Veiga, K. Erzini (forthcoming), "Coastal Fisheries in European Seas Are Not What They Were: Ecological, Social and Economic Changes in Small Scale Fisheries", Marine Policy.
Magalhães, M., T. Sequeira (forthcoming), "Redistributive Policies and Technology Diffusion", The BE Journal of Macroeconomics.
M. Franco, P. Piceti (forthcoming), "Family Dynamics and Gender Perspective Influencing Copreneurship Practices: A Qualitative Analysis in the Brazilian Context", International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research.
Morais, A., A. Fialho, A. Dionísio (forthcoming), "Is the accounting quality after the mandatory adoption of IFRS a random walk? Evidence from Europe", Journal of Applied Accounting Research.
Neto, A., O. Afonso, S. Silva (forthcoming), "How powerful are trade unions? A skill-biased technological change approach", Macroeconomic Dynamics.
Neves, M., M. Franco (forthcoming), "Academic Spin-off Creation: Barriers and How to Overcome them", R&D Management.
Pinho, C., L. Mendes (forthcoming), "IT in lean-based manufacturing industries: Systematic Literature Review and Research issues", International Journal of Production Research.
Ramos, M.R., R. Fragoso, A. Feinden (forthcoming), "A Multi-objective Approach for Supply Chain Network Design: Tilapia Pisciculture in Paraná State – Brazil", Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization.
Romão,J., P. Nijkamp (forthcoming), "Impacts of tourism and territorial capital on regional development: a spatial econometric analysis", International Journal of Tourism Research.
Santos, S.P., V. Belton, S. Howick, M. Pilkington (forthcoming), "Measuring organisational performance using a mix of OR methods", Technological Forecasting and Social Change.
Sarkar S. (forthcoming), "Grassroots entrepreneurs and social change at the bottom of the pyramid: the role of bricolage", Entrepreneurship and Regional Development.
Sarkar S., C. Rufin, J.Haughton (forthcoming), "Inequality and Entrepreneurial Thresholds", Journal of Business Venturing.
Sarkar S., O. Osiyevskyy (forthcoming), "Organizational Innovation and Rigidity During Crisis: a Review of the Paradox and a Research Agenda", European Management Journal.
Sarkar S., O. Osiyevskyy, L. Hayes (forthcoming), "Talking your way into entrepreneurial support: an analysis of satisfaction drivers in entrepreneur mutual aid groups", Journal of Small Business Management.