The propensity to bargain while on a vacation

Kozak M, A. Correia, G. Del Chiappa (2017), "The propensity to bargain while on a vacation", Tourism Economics, 23(1), 150-167.

This paper assesses how touristsí bargaining motivations and attitudes moderate their willingness to return to Italy, where bargaining is perceived as one of the best ways to deal with sellers. A non-probability quota sampling technique was used to survey domestic tourists in Italy through an online questionnaire which encompassed 26 bargaining values and one item to measure the likelihood that the tourists would bargain at the same destination in the future. The data comprised a total of 812 observations. An order probit model and marginal effects were estimated to measure the touristsí propensity to return to Italy for bargaining purposes. The study findings indicate that touristsí propensity to return for bargaining purposes is taken with the awareness that they will not obtain what they expected; as a matter of fact, they are unlikely to care about the final result, but instead engage in this behaviour to have fun.