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Urban-Rural Connections and Development Perspectives In Portugal

Rego, M.C., C. Freire, I. Ramos, A. Dionísio, M.S. Baltazar, M.R. Lucas (2017), Urban-Rural Connections and Development Perspectives In Portugal, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2017/04.

Portugal is characterized by a significant asymmetry in the population distribution/density and economic activity as well as in social and cultural dynamics. This means very diverse landscapes, differences in regional development, sustainability and quality of life, mainly between urban and rural areas. A consequence coherent with the contemporary dynamics: urbanization of many rural areas that loose their productive-agricultural identity and, simultaneously, the reintegration in urban areas of spaces and activities with more rural characteristics. In this process of increasing complexity of organization of the landscape is essential to restore the continuum naturale (between urban and rural areas) allowing closer links to both ways of life. A strategy supported in the landscape, which plays important functions for public interest, in the cultural, social, ecological and environmental fields. At the same time, constitutes an important resource for economic activity, as underlined in the European Landscape Convention.

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Keywords: Urban; Rural; Quality of Life; Development; Portugal.