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Markos Tselekounis
Investigador (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

Ph.D. in Economics and Regulation of Telecommunications (University of Athens, 2013), M.Sc. in Economics and Management of Telecommunication Networks (University of Athens, 2008), B.A. in Economics (University of Piraeus, 2006).

Áreas de investigação:

Industrial Organization; Regulation in Network Industries; Telecommunications Economics.

Artigos publicados em revistas científicas seleccionadas (indexadas no ranking do CEFAGE)

Brito, D., M. Tselekounis, H. Vasconcelos (2019), "Input price discrimination in the presence of downstream vertical differentiation", Economics Letters, 184.
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Tselekounis, M., D. Varoutas, D. Martakos (2012), "On the social optimality of make-or-buy decisions", Journal of Regulatory Economics, 41(2), 238-268.

Artigos publicados em revistas científicas indexadas na base ISI (não indexadas no ranking do CEFAGE)

Dimitris, K., T. Rokkas, I. Neokosmidis, M. Tselekounis, I. Zacharopoulos, A. Bartzoudi, D. Varoutas (2012), "Risks associated with next generation access networks investment scenarios", IEEE Network, 26(4), 11-17.