Vahid Ghasemi

Ph.D. in Economics and Business (University of Cagliari, Italy, 2018), M.Sc. in Geography and Urban Planning (University of Tabriz, Iran, 2014), B.A. in Architecture (Nabi Akram University, Iran, 2011).

Áreas de investigação:

Residents apathy in tourism; Residents attitude; Community Involvement.

Artigos publicados em revistas científicas seleccionadas (indexadas no ranking do CEFAGE)

Kuhzady, S., V. Ghasemi (forthcoming), "Pictorial Analysis of the Projected Destination Image: Portugal on Instagram", Tourism Analysis, 24(1), 43-54.
Kuhzady, S., V. Ghasemi (2019), "Factors influencing customers’ satisfaction and dissatisfaction with hotels: A text-mining approach", Tourism Analysis, 24(1), 69-79.