Intrapreneurship Practices in Municipal Archives: A Practice-oriented Study

Franco, M., J. Pinto (2017), "Intrapreneurship Practices in Municipal Archives: A Practice-oriented Study", Journal of Librarianship & Information Science, 49(2), 165-179.

The aim of this study is to demonstrate how the archivist and all the professionals dealing with the municipal archives can be intrapreneurs in the organization where they perform duties, through their creativity, better services, using their personal involvement and ingenuity in creating products or new services. The results obtained, based on a quantitative approach with the data-collecting instrument of a questionnaire sent to a sample of 311 Portuguese municipal archives, showed evidence of a gradual change in work mentality and in archive and archivists’ procedures, noting a certain awakening to the practice of intrapreneurship. In identifying the main practices stimulating intrapreneurship in the archives studied, it was possible to identify some explanatory dimensions (factors) of this phenomenon: (1) autonomy, pro-activeness, creation of products and climate, (2) orientation towards goals, competence and risk, (3) market, social and decision, (4) functionality and status, and (5) reward and competitiveness. This study is seen as being of the greatest importance, due to the information and knowledge society becoming increasingly important for the economy, especially following one of the most serious crises in Portugal’s history. It was therefore necessary to find out to what extent these information professionals are intrapreneurs within their archives, taking advantage of existing resources but also of their wisdom and competences in its service.