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Working Papers - Série CEFAGE

A série de Working Papers do CEFAGE encontra-se indexada no RePEc. O Regulamento para a submissão de trabalhos científicos à série de Working-Papers do CEFAGE pode ser consultado aqui.


Belbute, J., A.M. Pereira (2019), Reference Forecasts for CO2 Emissions from Fossil-Fuel Combustion and Cement Production in Portugal, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2019/08.
Pedro, I., J. Andraz (2019), Alumni Commitment to Higher Education Institutions: Determinants and Empirical Evidence, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2019/05, Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing.
Caetano, D., J. Andraz, M. Amaral (2019), Technology Transfer, Internationalization and Firm Reputation throughout Business Incubation lifecycle, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2019/03.
Belbute, J.M. (2019), Volatility in CO2 EUAs returns: a FIGARCH approach, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2019/02.
Belbute, J. (2019), On the relationship between consumption and CO2 emissions: the case of Portugal, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2019/01.


Sochirca,E., P.C. Neves (2018), Optimal policies, middle class development and human capital accumulation under elite rivalry, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2018/04.
Sequeira, T., P.C. Neves (2018), Stepping on toes in the production of knowledge: A Meta-Regression Analys, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2018/03.
Ariç, K.H., S.K. Sek, M.R. Sousa (2018), Current Account Balance in Emerging Asia, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2018/02.


Rego, M.C., C. Freire, I. Ramos, A. Dionísio, M.S. Baltazar, M.R. Lucas (2017), Urban-Rural Connections and Development Perspectives In Portugal, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2017/04.
Neves, P., T. Sequeira (2017), The Production of Knowledge: A Meta-Regression Analysis, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2017/03.
Afonso, O., T. Sequeira (2017), Tradable and nontradable directed technical change, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2017/02.
Romão, J., P. Nijkamp (2017), Spatial-economic impacts of tourism on regional development: challenges for Europe, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2017/01.


Sousa, A., J. Thomaz, P. Ferreira, F. Jorge, E. Santos (2016), The Impact of Mentoring and Helping Relationships in the Informal Process of Employee Branding: Construction of the Measuring Instrument, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2016/10.
Belbute, J.M., A.M. Pereira (2016), Updated Reference Forecasts for Global CO2 Emissions from Fossil-Fuel Consumption, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2016/08.
Sequeira, T.N., P.M. Gil, O. Afonso (2016), Growth without scale effects due to entropy, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2016/07.
Xavier, A., M.B. Freitas, M.S. Rosário, R. Fragoso (2016), Disaggregating Statistical Data at Field Level: An Entropy Approach, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2016/06.
Silva, V.G., E.A. Ramalho, C.R. Vieira (2016), Is EMV adoption changing card payments? Evidence from the European Union, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2016/05.
Andraz, J., P.M.M. Rodrigues (2016), Monitoring tourism flows and destination management: Empirical evidence for Portugal, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2016/04.
Silva, V., E. Ramalho, C. Vieira (2016), The use of cheques in the European Union: a cross-country analysis, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2016/03.
Romão, J., H. Saito (2016), Regional Tourism Dynamics in Japan: An Exploratory Spatial Analysis, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2016/02.
Cândido, C.J.F., Luís M.S. Coelho, Rúben M.T. Peixinho (2016), The Financial Impact of a Withdrawn ISO 9001 Certificate, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2016/01.


Pereira, J., A. Galego (2015), Inter-Country Wage Differences in the European Union, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2015/15.
Belbute, J., A.M. Pereira (2015), Do Global CO2 Emissions from Fuel Consumption Exhibit Long Memory? A Fractional Integration Analysis, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2015/14.
Viola, F., M. Saraiva (2015), Quality costs and Corporate Taxation. Literature review., CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2015/13.
Diogo, J.L., C.P. Pires, L.V. Carvalho (2015), CONSUMEREX – Consumer Experience Model. A multidimensional model of services evaluation. Application in the sport context., CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2015/12.
Belbute, J.M., A.M.Pereira (2015), An Alternative Reference Scenario for Global CO2Emissions from Fuel Consumption: An ARFIMA Approach, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2015/11.
Guerreiro, G.S., A.B. Caleiro (2015), The Spatial Convergence of Knowledge in Portugal, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2015/08.
Viola, F., M. Saraiva (2015), Flat Tax, the solution?, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2015/07.
Castro, G. R.M. Félix, P. Júlio, J.R. Maria (2015), Unpleasant debt dynamics: Can fiscal consolidations raise debt ratios?, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2015/06.
Pereira, C.M.F., M.F. Jorge, A. Sampaio (2015), A Review concerning safety culture and inherent communication dimensions in air navigation services, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2015/05.
Serrano, F.A. (2015), Analysis of the Performance of the Management of the Automatic Balancing Mechanism, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2015/03.
Belbute, J.M., L.D. Massala, J.A. Delgado (2015), Measuring persistence in inflation: evidence for Angola, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2015/02.
Belbute, J.M., L.D. Massala, J.A. Delgado (2015), Assessing core inflation indicators: evidence for Angola, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2015/01.


Oliveira, M.F.L., M.L.S. Carvalho, M.R. Lucas, P.D. Henriques (2014), Price Transmission in the Milk Portuguese Market, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2014/19.
Rego, M.C., I.J. Ramos, M.M. Oliveira, M.R. Lucas, M.S. Baltazar (2014), Differences in intra-regional development in Portugal? A multivariate approach, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2014/18.
Moutinho, V., J.M. Xavier, P.M. Silva (2014), Examining the energy-related CO2 emissions using Decomposition Approach in EU-15 before and after the Kyoto Protocol, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2014/17.
Ferreira, P, A. Dionisio, G. Zebende (2014), Why does the Euro fail? The DCCA approach, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2014/15.
Costa, M.P., C.P. Pires (2014), Capital Structure, Product Market Competition and Default Risk, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2014/14.
Morgado, A., T.N. Sequeira, M. Santos, A. Ferreira-Lopes, A.B. Reis (2014), Measuring Labour Mismatch in Europe, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2014/13.
Mansidão, R., L.A.G. Coelho (2014), Logistics Performance: a Theoretical Conceptual Model for Small and Medium Enterprises, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2014/12.
Simões, A.J., J. Ventura, L.A.G. Coelho (2014), Foreign Direct Investment and Fiscal Policy - A Literature Survey, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2014/11.
Santos,M., T.N. Sequeira, A. Ferreira-Lopes (2014), Income Inequality and Technological Adoption, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2014/10.
Pereira, A.M., J.M. Andraz (2014), On the Long-Term Macroeconomic Effects of Social Security Spending: Evidence for 12 EU Countries, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2014/08.
Castro, G., R.M. Félix, P. Júlio, J.R. Maria (2014), Fiscal multipliers in a small euro area economy: How big can they get in crisis times?, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2014/07.
Amaral, A., M. Abreu, V. Mendes (2014), The Spatial Probit Model – An Application to the Study of Banking Crises at the End of the 90’s, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2014/05.
Serrano, F.A. (2014), Notional Defined Contribution Accounts: Application to Portugal, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2014/04.
Branco, M.C. (2014), Economics for Substantive Democracy, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2014/03.
Fragoso, R., M.C. Rego, V. Bushenkov (2014), Clustering of territorial areas: A multi-criteria districting problem, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2014/02.
Ramalho E.A., J.J.S. Ramalho (2014), Convenient links for the estimation of hedonic price indexes: the case of unique, infrequently traded assets, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2014/01.


Brito, D., P. Pereira, J. Vareda (2013), Network Neutrality under ISP duopoly: on the ability to assign capacity, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2013/19.
Brito, D., P. Pereira, J.J.S. Ramalho (2013), Mergers, Coordinated Effects and Efficiency in the Portuguese Non-Life Insurance Industry, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2013/18.
Moreira, P. (2013), The port of Sines: contribution for the emergence of a regional cluster, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2013/15.
Caldeirinha, V., J.A. Felício, A. Dionísio (2013), The container terminal characteristics and customer’s satisfaction, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2013/14.
Caldeirinha, V., A. Felício, A. Dionísio (2013), Effect of the container terminal characteristics on performance, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2013/13.
Castro, T.B, P.M. Rodrigues, A.R. Taylor (2013), On the Behaviour of Phillips-Perron Tests in the Presence of Persistent Cycles, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2013/11.
Ramalho, E,A., J.S. Ramalho, J. Murteira (2013), A generalized goodness-of-functional form test for binary and fractional regression models, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2013/09.
Oliveira, M.F., C.P. Pires, P. Corte-Real (2013), Combating fraud in Poverty-Alleviation Programs - should we use monitoring, workfare or both?, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2013/08.
Fragoso, R. (2013), Planning Marketing Channels: Case of the Olive Oil Agribusiness in Portugal, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2013/07.
Murteira, J.M.R., E.A. Ramalho, J.J.S. Ramalho (2013), Heteroskedasticity Testing Through a Comparison of Wald Statistics, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2013/06.
Murteira, J.M.R., J.J.S. Ramalho (2013), Regression Analysis of Multivariate Fractional Data, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2013/05.
Kalinichenko, O., C.A.F. Amado, S.P. Santos (2013), Performance Assessment in Primary Health Care: A Systematic Literature Review, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2013/03.
Fragoso, R., C. Marques (2013), The Economic Impact of Alternative Water Pricing Policies in Alentejo Region, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2013/02.
Bettencourt, E., M. Tilman, P.D.S. Henriques, V. Narciso, M.L.S. Carvalho (2013), The Economic and Sociocultural Role of Livestock in the Wellbeing of Rural Communities of Timor-Leste, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2013/01.


Sousa, A., J.C. Novas, A. Sánchez, M. Mejia (2012), Cross-Border Business Environment Between the Province of Huelva (Spain) and the Alentejo Region (Portugal), CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/23.
Xavier, A., M.B. Martins, R. Fragoso (2012), An eco-sustainable forest management model for the Mediterranean forests - a multiple criteria approach, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/22.
Schinck, A., S. Sarkar (2012), Financial Bootstrapping: a critical entrepreneurship skill, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/20.
Mendes, V. (2012), The investor in warrants, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/19.
Ferreira, P., A. Dionísio (2012), An application of General Maximum Entropy to Utility, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/18.
Guerreiro, G.S. (2012), Regional Income Convergence in Portugal (1991-2002), CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/17.
Jeus, M., P. Henriques, P. Laranjeira,V. Narciso, M.L.S. Carvalho (2012), The impact of shifting cultivation in the forestry ecosystems of Timor-Leste, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/16.
Silva, P.R., E. Felix (2012), Challenges of the Information Economy: Asymmetry of Information in the Information Society, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/15.
Novas, J.C., A. Sousa, M.C. Alves (2012), On the Relations Between Management Accounting Systems and Intellectual Capital. Evidence for Portuguese Companies, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/13.
Pires, C., M. Catalão-Lopes (2012), Scope economies, entry deterrence and welfare, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/11.
Pereira, A.M., J. Andraz (2012), On the economic effects of public infrastructure investment: A survey of the international evidence, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/10.
Andraz, J., N. Norte (2012), The “Great Moderation” in Portugal: GDP Volatility, Regime Changes and Business Cycles, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/09.
Vaz, E., J. Belbute, A. Caleiro, G.S. Guerreiro, A. Eduardo (2012), Comparative Analysis of Regional Input-Output Matrices: the Portuguese case , CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/08.
Fragoso, R., V. Bushenkov, C. Marques (2012), Integrated Water Management Using Feasible Goals Method and Interactive Decision Maps: The Case of Odivelas Irrigation, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/07.
Guerreiro, G. (2012), Regional Income Distribution in Portugal, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/06.
Silva, R., A.F.Lopes (2012), A Regional Human Development Index for Portugal, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/05.
Sequeira, T.N., A.F. Lopes, O. Gomes (2012), A Growth Model with Qualities, Varieties, and Human Capital: Stability and Transitional Dynamics, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/04.
Vieira, C., I. Vieira (2012), Monetary integration in Eastern and Southern Africa: choosing a currency peg for COMESA, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/03.
Bravo, J.M., C.P. Silva (2012), Prospective Lifetables: Life Insurance Pricing and Hedging in a Stochastic Mortality Environment, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2012/01.


Bravo, J.M.V. (2011), Pricing Longevity Bonds Using Affine-Jump Diffusion Models, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2011/29.
Ramalho, J., J.V. Silva (2011), Functional form issues in the regression analysis of financial leverage ratios, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2011/28.
Bravo. J.M. (2011), Modelling Mortality Using Multiple Stochastic Latent Factors, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2011/26.
Pereira, J., A. Galego (2011), Inter-Regional Wage Differentials in Portugal: An Analysis Across the Wage Distribution, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2011/25.
Monteiro, P.V., T. Noronha, P. Neto (2011), The Importance of Clusters for Sustainable Innovation Processes: The Context of Small and Medium Sized Regions, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2011/24.
Coelho, L.M.S., R. Peixinho, S. Terjensen (2011), The intraindustry effects of going concern audit reports, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2011/23.
Peixinho, R., R. Taffler (2011), Are analysts misleading investors? The case of goingconcern opinions, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2011/22.
Fragoso, R., M.L.S. Carvalho (2011), Estimation of Cost Allocation Coefficients at the Farm Level Using an Entropy Approach, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2011/21.
Pereira, A.M., J.M. Belbute (2011), Final energy demand in Portugal: How persistent it is and why it matters for environmental policy, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2011/20.
Garcês, P.M.M.L., C.P.Pires (2011), New housing supply: what do we know and how can we learn more?, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2011/18.
Sardinha, B., C.P. Pires (2011), To volunteer or not to volunteer? A cross-country study of volunteering, CEFAGE-UE Working Paper 2011/16.
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