The Center for Advanced Studies in Management and Economics of the Universidade de Évora (CEFAGE-UE) was founded in 2006. In its first application, CEFAGE-UE achieved the highest FCT grade: "Excellent". In 2014, it was evaluated as “Very Good” by the FCT panel.

Upcoming events

The program for the next CEFAGE-UE research seminar series is currently being set up. Watch this space.

Latest publications
Mason, C., J.S. Bilau, T. Botelho, S. Sarkar , "Angel investing in an austerity economy – the impact of government policies in Portugal", European Planning Studies
Claustros da Universidade de Évora
Doctoral Consortium 2017
Latest Working Papers
Rego, M.C., C. Freire, I. Ramos, A. Dionísio, M.S. Baltazar, M.R. Lucas, "Urban-Rural Connections and Development Perspectives In Portugal"

Universidade de Évora
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