The Center for Advanced Studies in Management and Economics of the Universidade de Évora (CEFAGE-UE) was founded in 2006. In its first application, CEFAGE-UE achieved the highest FCT grade: "Excellent". In 2014, it was evaluated as “Very Good” by the FCT panel.

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22/02/2019 06:00 pm

Maria del Mar Soto (Universidade de Málaga)

- Inovaçăo Social e Financiamento das Empresas
Latest publications
Brito, D., R. Ribeiro, H. Vasconcelos , "Can Partial Horizontal Ownership Lessen Competition More Than a Monopoly?", Economics Letters
Pereira, J., A. Galego, "Diverging Trends of Wage Inequality in Europe", Oxford Economic Papers
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